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Quite simply, core values are the personal convictions and beliefs that make up our fundamental DNA. These statements describe who we are and how we operate.

Every person or organization have these values, whether written or unwritten. I simply want to be as clear as possible about what defines and shapes me.

My Three Core Values

1. SERVE others.

2. GIVE to others what you have been given. 

3. GROW myself and help others grow themselves.


One of the greatest leadership principles Jesus Christ shared with his disciples was the principle of servant leadership. He told them that if you want to be great amongst others, you must be a servant to all (Mark 10:43-45). I have a passion for leading by serving first. As a servant leader, I strive to use my gifts, talents, and influence to meet the felt needs of others.


Giving is big in my book. The more successful I become, the more I have a heightened sensitivity of the value of charity. I am thoroughly convinced that to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48). The more one receives, the more they are positioned to be a benefit to others who are in need. Giving is a fundamental part of my life and belief system.


I have discovered there is an unlimited amount of potential locked inside of us. It is our responsibility to discover that potential by being good stewards over the gifts, talents, and abilities that we have been given. John C. Maxwell stated that "Our potential is God's gift to us, and what we do with that potential is our gift to God". The key to personal growth is committing to being a lifetime student and learning at every stage of your life.
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